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I'm a family law attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I know how important family ties are, and I know how difficult it can be when those relationships change.  I'm committed to helping my clients navigate the legal system for the best outcome in their legal case, and the best path forward in their personal lives. 

I studied English and Chinese languages at U.C. Berkeley, and earned a law degree from U.C. Hastings College of the Law where I focused on civil litigation and mediation.

In Utah I was hired to be one of the Utah State Court's few in-house mediators, helping parties and attorneys to negotiate high-conflict cases in search of resolution. I've worked in every courthouse in Utah, and mediated over 1,000 cases.  These involved multiple parties and complex issues such as custody changes or denial of custody, child abuse, and termination of parental rights.  

Through those emotional cases I've learned how the law can change client's lives, and I've learned to respect every client's unique point of view. In 2015 I decided to take advantage of my legal training and open my own law practice. 

I opened the Good Law office to protect people's family relationships, their assets, and their future, when they are caught up in Utah's family court system. My full-time law practice is focused on divorce and family issues including custody, child support, adoption, and juvenile court matters.