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Who is Jonathan Good?

My full-time law practice is focused on divorce and family issues including custody, child support, adoption, and juvenile court matters.  I appear regularly in family court.

I know how important family ties are, and how difficult it can be when those relationships change.  I'm committed to helping my clients find the best legal outcome and the best path forward in their personal lives. 

I spent years working as an in-house mediator for the Utah State Courts, to help parties and attorneys negotiate resolution of high-conflict cases. I've worked in every courthouse in Utah and mediated over 1,000 cases involving complex issues such as custody changes or denial of custody, child abuse, and termination of parental rights.  

Through those emotional cases I've seen how the law can change people's lives, and also learned to respect every person's unique point of view. 

In 2015 I opened the Good Law office to protect my clients when they are caught up in Utah's family court system. 


When you become a client of the Good Law office,

We Will:

Return phone calls promptly. Your case is important to us, and we will always respond to you.

Provide you with all documents and court filings in your case. You have access to the same information that your attorney sees.

Give you regular updates on case status and progress. You are immediately notified of actions taken by your attorney, by opposing counsel, or by the court.

Give you regular updates on billing and finances. You receive a monthly statement to help you budget for legal expenses. You won't be left wondering "what will this cost?"

Give you final decision-making authority in your case. We include you in the legal process by giving you the information and the opportunity to decide important issues.


YOUR FREE CONSULTATION. This is a private meeting where we discuss your concerns, review the legal process, and consider your options. This is a chance to engage in clear-headed decision making with the help of an attorney.

TAKE THE FIRST STEP. If you have a serious legal problem but you can't seem to move toward a solution, let's take an honest look at your options and ask what is holding you back.  The goal is to help you decide what's best for you, whether that means hiring our office or simply pointing you toward other solutions. 

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Some clients choose hourly billing, others choose a flat fee to be paid in advance. What's the difference?

HOURLY BILLING. You only pay for time actually spent on your case, which may cost less up front. Keep in mind that hourly billing can get expensive when people want to contest every issue. Surprises are minimized with an honest discussion about what each stage of the case is likely to cost.

FLAT FEE. You know in advance what each stage of your case will cost. Your attorney can focus on the case instead of time tracking, billing, and collections. Choosing the flat fee option requires a consultation to learn about your case and determine the appropriate fee. 

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