Are Lawyers Too Expensive?

(and how to control your legal costs)


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Studies show that the number one reason people don’t hire an attorney is because they think it’s too expensive. But there is a smarter way to pay for legal representation!


What if you knew in advance exactly what your legal case costs?  Would that reduce your stress about legal fees?


You can hire a lawyer for your divorce or family law case WITHOUT worrying about the expense getting out of control.  


Learn about what it means to make a single payment to cover your legal fees. With this method of payment you can remove the fear and uncertainty about legal expenses.






Traditional lawyer billing works like this: You pay a big deposit, then the attorney starts deducting hourly payments from your deposit as they work. You have no idea how long the work will take or what the final bill will be!


When you ask the attorney for an estimate, an attorney is guaranteed to say something like “it depends,” or "I don't know." 


And the lawyer is being honest, because when attorneys sell hours of time it is impossible to know what the final cost will be!




People with legal problems don't want to buy hours of attorney time. They want to buy a solution to their problem. So rather than selling TIME, I believe the attorney should sell a packaged SERVICE: legal representation that is calculated to lead to a solution.


With a flat fee payment agreement, you make one up-front payment to cover the costs of a defined and agreed upon legal service.  Both attorney and client benefit from the predictability of an upfront payment, at a fixed price.  


With this type of payment the client wins because they know in advance exactly what each part of their case will cost. The attorney wins because they don't have to track every minute of time, prepare bills, or bother clients for collection of payment.  Instead the attorney can focus on pursuing the client’s case in the most effective and efficient way possible.


If that sounds good, then consider hiring an attorney for a flat fee to handle your legal problem. 



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Jonathan Good is a Salt Lake City attorney who focuses exclusively on divorce and family law. He appears regularly in family court, and has extensive experience as a mediator and family law attorney.


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